AQUASLASH (2020) Exclusive Clip “Team #3” HD

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Fourth of July weekend is finally here and with that comes a ton of swimming. While most waterslide parks remain closed, Red Hound Films takes a dive down a slasher that looks to deliver the kind of fun horror we need right about now.

Aquaslash brings the horrors of Halloween to summertime when a bunch of teenagers take a swim in a haunted waterpark that turns a waterslide into a deadly weapon.

In the film, “High school is over for the students of Valley Hills and they’re ending it with a huge weekend bash at Wet Valley, a reportedly haunted waterpark stuck in the ’80s where they can party like there’s no tomorrow. A cash prize is up for grabs for the fastest team to fly down the slides, but the teens are unprepared for a razor-sharp surprise as someone plots to slice up the competition.”

A killer vacation awaits you when Renaud Gauthier’s Aquaslash splashes onto VOD.

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